Lost in Tib Street

"We were not sure what to expect but it was original, daring and very funny. Even the moments of chaos were fantastic. It was difficult not to sing along" - Audience Member

A collision between jazz music, burlesque and theatre... Lost in Tib Street tells the story of a heartbroken Burlesque performer and lesbian Jazz singer in the swinging sixties, navigating their lives and joining forces to set up their own cabaret. An array of classic jazz covers and burlesque dance sequences tied up in a theatrical bow.

This production is a collaboration with Selina Helliwell Productions featuring Ember Travixen, Selina Helliwell's alter-ego, an actor and multi-award-winning theatre-creator who is passionate about the emotional/romantic side of burlesque and Jas Nisic, a critically acclaimed cabaret artist, performer and jazz singer, who was nominated for an OffFest award.

"Absolutely loved this show. Women taking control of their sexuality and power! Amazing singing and moves. LOVED IT!" - Audience Member

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